Committment to Quality

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The local news broadcasts and local newspapers have been spending a lot of time lately on the Limousine Industry due to the tragic accident involving a Casino Bus in New York City. In the subsequent weeks the State and local Police agencies have stepped up enforcement daily with various check points to ensure the public’s safety.  They have impounded limousines and ticketed many drivers and companies due to non-compliance of the basic rules and regulations of the Limousine Industry.

I am proud to say that Long Island Elite Limousines was not one of them. There any many Limousine Companies in the New York/Long Island area that are in business and do not have all of the proper licensing or driver safeguards in place to protect the consumer. Many of these companies are advertising and quoting prices much lower than the legitimate companies due to the fact that they are not paying the costs associated with these safeguards. Consumers and Corporations are all very price conscious due to the economy, but they want to be safe.  We all have to cut back and save wherever we can, however L I Elite Limousines will never sacrifice the public’s safety by cost cutting the basic safety principles set by the NY State and Federal Agencies.

I have attached a document that breaks down exactly the standards I have set for Long Island Elite Limousines. Please take a look at them. What you will see is the most extensive list of safeguards you will find anywhere in the limousine Industry. There is no reason to sacrifice your family’s or your associates safety by not making sure that the company you are using is fully compliant in all aspects of the business.

I want to Thank You for your trust in Long Island Elite Limousines.  We will continue to be the leader in the Limousine Industry in New York and Long Island when it comes to safety.


Charlie Brown


Long Island Elite Limousines

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